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Writing A Dissertation For Dummies: Tips for Academic Writing

Key Features of a Good Dissertation

Any student in college or university is bound to make mistakes before they reach the submission date for their dissertation. One of these mistakes is writing a dissertation that does not meet the grading criteria of the professor. You need to begin the writing process early to ensure that you have ample time to polish your piece before the deadline.

Apart from submitting a flawless dissertation, students also want to gauge whether they understood the concepts explained in the course material. Hence they should write the dissertation in a way that they can cite and reference the material for clear understanding. Otherwise, the university might reject your paper because of a lack of proper citation.

The best way to learn how to write a dissertation is to write and refine the content you have learned in class. You need to understand each of the sections in the assignment and use the information in both original documents and your own writing to come up with an engaging dissertation.

Writing Your Dissertation

Do not worry if you find the process of writing your dissertation somewhat daunting. No need to rush the writing process, as it will be short and straightforward. You will only need to create an outline and write a few drafts before settling on the final draft. Follow these steps to commence the writing process.

Select an Essay Topic

This is the first step in the writing process. Develop a topic that is both captivating and informative. You may need to review some course material that you have had to write during the semester. So, you need to identify a good theme that is relevant to the study. It also has to be brief and provide the bare essentials of the topic you choose. Ensure you provide a challenging question that will keep you engaged throughout the entire writing process.

Write your Introduction

The introduction is a must-read to ensure that the professor finds value in reading the dissertation. It should also give a brief context of the topic you have chosen. A clear purpose should also be included as to why you selected the topic. Add references and brief background information that will help the reader understand the subject matter. Remember, you should also show how the topic fits within the framework of your course.

Finally, conclude your dissertation with a comprehensive discussion of the study. Restate the thesis statement and provide a conclusion that ties everything together. Finally, check your grammar and structure to ensure that you have followed the right format for the dissertation.

Writing Your Dissertation

One of the best ways to ensure that you deliver a unique document is by proofreading it. Go through your draft to ensure that the language is clear, formatting is natural, and you have adhered to the guidelines. Lastly, edit the dissertation to eliminate any grammatical and spelling errors. Note that this step is crucial as it ensures that you do not submit a compromised paper.

A good summary of how you can write a dissertation is provided below:

Read the introduction carefully

Break the paper into sections that you can read

Begin the writing process by writing an outline

Edit and proofread

Go through your paper to ensure that it is free of errors

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