An essay is an author’s statement on any topic, be it science or art.

The author should not only be well versed in the topic in order to write a good essay, but also need to know the structure of the essay and the basic requirements.

In any essay there are three main parts that the author must write.

This is an introduction, main part and conclusion. In the introduction, the author writes basic information about the topic, that is, what will be discussed in the main part. Do not forget that the introduction and conclusion should be approximately the same size and should not exceed 15 percent of the entire text. The main part is the most important part and contains the basic information, all the facts and all the research topic of the essay. In order not to forget all the necessary information for the main part, make preliminary notes. For example, when starting a study, write down all the necessary information on a separate piece of paper or in a notebook. This will help you not to lose the necessary facts, quotes or other necessary elements for your essay. You can also plan for an essay by writing down the basic questions you would like to answer. This will help make your essay structured and understandable. And the very last part of the essay is the conclusion. In conclusion, you write your personal thoughts about the topic and make a conclusion of all the work done. You can also complete your essay with an interesting quote.

In all forms of the essay, in the introduction to your essay, you formulate the main question and discuss the pros and cons in the main section. Each argument is represented by a thesis, which is supported by further arguments and illustrated by examples. In the final part, you will return to the specific question from the introduction and give your own opinion in a critical statement. This is the only scheme for all types of essays.

For example, if you need to write essay about education, you will have to investigate.

This investigation includes collecting the necessary literature. This may be scientific articles, books, journals and other literature. Do not forget that you need to use only reputable sources, because this topic is quite popular, and any opinion and statement is very strictly evaluated. After analyzing all the literature and finding the necessary information, you can get to work. Try to set aside enough time for the essay to do this gradually and without haste. So your essay will turn out really high quality and interesting. Be sure to check your work for errors, as the essay not only appreciates the accuracy of the information and personal thoughts of the author, but also the literacy of the author. Ask your friends or family to read your essay and evaluate it. It will help you make your essay even better.

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